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Interactive Computer Based Training

The Benefits

Faster, more effective training
* Some studies show average comprehension accelerates by as much as 25%
* People remember 20 percent of what they see, 40 percent of what they see and hear and 70 percent of what they see, hear, and do
* A study by J.D. Fletcher found that interactive applications improved achievement up to 25%
Rapid Development
* interactive programming capabilities enable quick interactive multimedia development
* existing video footage, slides, power point presentations, photographs, animations, interactive graphics and stereo sound can be re-tasked
* embed both testing and certification
* the reporting utility can be programmed to mark the answers, display scores and review when required
* Questions can be formatted in: multiple choice, multiple response, graphical “hot-spot” questions, numeric responses, fill-in-the-blank answers, selection questions, push button and explanation screens