G&Ziro 20150927134151(1)

George Ficon with Ziro (GSD)

Kaza front with attentionIMG_2591 Peter & Arras

Peter Snow with Duquesa (Kaza) & Arras (GSDs)

Ellie and Tracey
Tracey Hughes with Sawyer (GSD),Fubar and Ellie (American Bulldogs)

IMG_2623 20150927145830(1)

Marcelo (Chello) Villanueva with Celina (GSD)
 AM Phalco guard
Anne Marie Howarth
with Phalko and Indy (GSDs)

Bill  Ilse Bill & Ilse

Bill Thompson with Ilse (Rottweiler)

IMG_2605 Molly running crpd IMG_2665 Phil & Dux

Phil Jorna with Molly (Golden Lab) and Dux (GSD)


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