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Many companies talk about integrated communications solutions, but continue to focus primarily on traditional media, while other disciplines play a secondary role. To these organizations integration means building a concept around a pre-defined solution. This is the Humpty Dumpty approach — trying to reassemble a broken egg from its pieces. The whole-egg approach is a better way. Holism leads to a creative process that is no longer media centric.
This does not imply an end to specialist capabilities. It does require a more evolved way of deploying them. It's not about just thinking outside the box. It is about starting without a box—about finding the smartest solution from the beginning, even if it is surprising and unexpected.

This is the website for the Syndicon Group Associates, or the Syndicon Group Incorporated (Inc.) We are located in Hyde Park (London) Ontario, Canada. Our Services include: digital video and photographic production services, DVD and Video CD design and encoding, print design—newsletters, brochures, manuals, technical bulletins, posters, copy writing and scripting, customized computer based training (CBT), computer interactive and multi-media production, communication and community relations auditing, communication and media training, exhibition and display systems design, International exhibition staging facilitation