To be the best company our clients work with
by consistently exceeding their expectations.


The Syndicon Group Associates specialize in communication that contributes to changing the critical relationships between the various stakeholders in your organization. Solutions-oriented project teams are assembled to serve each client‚s particular communications challenge.

Our approach delivers the advantages of a large communications consulting or production agency without the accompanying disadvantages of high cost and inflexibility. Our clients are organizations that require media support for dealer/employee training initiatives, customer awareness or marketing support, or shareholder and employee communications.

The Syndicon Group is also an extensive consultation resource and design service to support communications and training professionals working within your company. We also have in-house facilities for creating computer-based training (CBT), interactive multi-media, traditional print media and broadcast-level video production. Together with our U.S. partner, Innovation Exhibits Inc., we provide extensive tradeshow and corporate exhibition support throughout North America.

•  digital video and photographic production services
•  DVD and Video CD design and encoding
•  print design—newsletters, brochures, manuals, technical bulletins, posters
•  copy writing and scripting
•  customized computer based training (CBT)
•  computer interactive and multi-media production
•  communication and community relations auditing
•  communication and media training
•  exhibition and display systems design
•  International exhibition staging facilitation with our U.S. partner The Innovation Exhibits Inc.
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This is the website for the Syndicon Group Associates, or the Syndicon Group Incorporated (Inc.) We are located in Hyde Park (London) Ontario, Canada. Our Services include: digital video and photographic production services, DVD and Video CD design and encoding, print design—newsletters, brochures, manuals, technical bulletins, posters, copy writing and scripting, customized computer based training (CBT), computer interactive and multi-media production, communication and community relations auditing, communication and media training, exhibition and display systems design, International exhibition staging facilitation