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Knowledge takes Time...

No one knows everything ... In fact it might be said that a person knows something once they concede that they will never know everything. There is just not enough time to learn everything. Everyday is a learning experience and at Syndicon we like to share what we learn and help save you time. From common grammar mistakes to how to use those new fangled-pdfs to their max. Here are a few of the things we have discovered:

•  The difference between a spot colour and process colour
•   5 common grammar errors
•  Pdfs – very powerful tools
•  Computer based training features
•   How to deal with angry customers
•   On the topic of innovation



This is the website for the Syndicon Group Associates, or the Syndicon Group Incorporated (Inc.) We are located in Hyde Park (London) Ontario, Canada. Our Services include: digital video and photographic production services, DVD and Video CD design and encoding, print design—newsletters, brochures, manuals, technical bulletins, posters, copy writing and scripting, customized computer based training (CBT), computer interactive and multi-media production, communication and community relations auditing, communication and media training, exhibition and display systems design, International exhibition staging facilitation